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REO Properties

For over 35 years, we have represented lenders, banks, financial institutions and investors with real-estate owned properties.  These are properties acquired by a lender, usually through foreclosure or a deed in lieu of foreclosure. This is a boutique area of the law. There are very few law firms with our wealth of experience when it comes to REO property. This is why many of the nation’s largest banks and financial institutions rely on us for representation with regard to foreclosure litigation, post-foreclosure evictions, disposition of abandoned personal property, and complying with local rent and eviction control laws. We also assist our clients with drafting REO procedures, notices and relocation agreements. 

REO Trade Group Participation

We  are founding members of the U.S. REO Partners and our attorneys have served as legal counsel to the REO Managers Association of California (REOMAC), both of which are trade organizations for the REO industry.  Further information regarding U.S. REO Partners is available at  Further information regarding REOMAC is available at


Our attorneys have lectured extensively throughout the United States on post-foreclosure issues and are available to provide seminars and ongoing advice and counsel regarding current and developing issues.